Dear Beautiful Lady,

Dear Beautiful Lady,

Life holds many surprises — many have your name. Some are what you have wanted, what you have dreamed of, what you are working towards, all you have to do is to continue believing. Believing that you can, believing that you will, believing that you have what it takes to make it to the end and claim them. It’s all in your hands to get what you have envisioned. Never give up and never settle for something that is less than you wanted.

Do not let someone tell you other wise. They don’t know you enough, they don’t know your potential, they don’t know how far you have come, and their vision is not the same as yours, so they don’t know the rivers, the mountains, and the obstacles you are willing to overcome.

And as you go through life changing standards, jumping barriers, enjoy every step of the way. The achievements are yours, and there is no better feeling than seeing the results of your hard work. In the end you are more than a beautiful lady, you are a body with a pair of hard working hands.

So always keep in mind that you are enough, that you have what it take to succeed. And any one else you choose to have by your side, may be there to compliment you, but not to complete you, you were already born complete. In you, there already is what it takes to get from A to B to G to X to Z.

With Love,

Your Inner-Self

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

I hope you got to the end of this letter, and if you did, look in the mirror, smile and let yourself know how proud you are of where you have come.

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