Steps to Change

Don’t we often see a problem, but prefer to look the other way or find an excuse to keep things the way they are? If that is the case, in this post, I present you with four steps for change to happen. None of them are easy, but if you take them serious and into account you will get some where.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash


The need for change can come in the form of a problem, something we dislike, something that has been or not been. This can be something within yourself, or your surroundings. Whatever it is, or wherever it derives from, the first step is to notice it and recognize it.


The next step is to have the motivation and the desire to do what it takes to make a change. If you are the one who notices the need, who wants the need, then its in your hands to start off. And you may just be half way there if you really have the fire and what it takes to move towards the actions.


So where do you start? With a plan. Change does not come in a sunrise. It takes early mornings and late evenings. It is hard work. A little bit here and little bit more over there, but in the end you know it will be well worth it. At this time you are not making excuses, you are setting steps for triumph.

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash


In this last step, most of the action takes place. It is here where success or failure is defined. Where we see if we made it to the finish line, stayed half way, or came close. If you want to make it to the end, always look back to the first three steps. Never forget what the problem was, your will to change it, and the plan you made.

I hope this post was useful, and if you are looking for change, I hope you take it into account. I look forward to sharing how I have used these steps in a change that I am working within my self, for myself, and to be happier with my self.

So take five minutes of you day, recognize something you wish to change, if you think you have what it takes, I challenge you to move on with the next steps.

For A Successful Day, Start With A Successful Morning

A successful day starts even before you take you leave for bed the night before. You just have to make the right choices. Below I will go over a ten step routine that will prepare you for a successful day. They don’t have to go in the exact order, accommodate them to you routine. If you think you may have trouble getting through them all at once, to avoid the frustration I suggest you star with two or three at a time, and add as you go.

Photo by Jasper Boer on Unsplash


As tempting as it may be don’t you hit the snooze button. Wake up and get up at the time you are supposed/had planned. Those extra five, ten, or fifteen minutes of sleep, are not going to do you any good. They are not going to make you feel more rested. Occasionally, the opposite may occur, your body will most likely feel more tired. So take control of your morning, and get up at the time you had planned.


Do not leave your house without making your bed, it makes the difference in the morning and the evening, trust my words. In the morning, its a way to feel accomplished, as you will leaver your room looking clean and organized. Plus, there will be no temptation to get back in bed, as you probably won’t wan to mess it up. Plus at night time, when time for bed comes again, it will be ready to receive you.


If you are someone who likes to pray, doing so in the morning to thank for the day before, and the day is a great way to get started. If your are not very much into praying, showing some gratitude will be great to prepare you mentally for a good day. Here a couple minutes to meditate and to reflect on your day ahead, is a way to start with a clear and positive mind.


It doesn’t have to be an hour work out, props to you if that is case. However, as long as stretch, do a set of push ups, and squats, is better than doing nothing. Its a great way to get your body and mind active.


Your body hasn’t hydrated the numbers of hours you have been sleeping. Therefore in the morning its important you hydrate it. What I recommend is leaving a glass of water by your bed the nigh before. This way there will be no excuse to getting hydrated. Some say squeezing half a lime to it for weight loss and such, is a good idea. Perhaps, I will look into the benefits of lime, and write a blog about it. Comment below if you would like to see a post with the benefits of lime.


There are many reasons for this one, we know two primary ones, which I probably don’t have to expand on, if you have to go you have to go. Apart from that though, a good cold shower in the morning will be great to get your active active and going. If you prefer to shower in the evenings, a face wash, for a clean face, is a great way to start the morning. Not only will it finish waking you up, but it will make you feel refreshed. Try it, if you are not already doing. Also, don’t miss this time to brush your teeth, and another way to get started feeling awake.


A good and complete breakfast is best, a because breakfast is a very important meal of the day. However, if you are someone who is not used to eating a full meal early in the morning, still eat something. Perhaps, a shake, some fruit, nuts, some string cheese. There are a lot of great, small, and even easy and quick things to prep. It is just very important that you don’t leave your house in an empty stomach.


Read the last of my tips in this blog, but its important you plan and prioritize your day. Go over what needs to get done, and when. I’s a great way to not forget to do things your list, and a result to avoid some unnecessary stress, from forgetting to so something.


Show your family some love, tell them how happy you are to have then, thank them for all they do, and/or wish them a wonderful day. Not only will you feel great, they too will feel appreciated. Your family is blessing and recognizing that great to do at the start of a new day.


It can be as simple as writing a list with what you have to do, or if you are someone who plans out a whole week with a calendar, make sure to have that updated the night before. The night before, to make your morning go by smoothly, you may want to choose your outfit, prepare your lunch, etc. It’s an excellent way to reduce the rush and spread that most often happens in the morning.

Today’s list went on, seemed almost endless. It may seem like a long list but as you practice it and as you add items to it one at a time, it will become easier to follow. Plus remember its for your own benefit, so its not a waste of time. Its a way to prepare and to get started on a successful and fulfilling day.

Tips For Your Wardrobe

After my post Closet Treasures I got thinking how it was that those pieces where still in the closet after so many years. Read this post to find some great posts about the right piece from store all the way to laundry day.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


I try to stay reasonable when I buy something, especially from the times that I have bought an item, only to see it on sale later. Sometimes however depending on the piece or the occasion I will break this rule. If its something that I absolutely like and may be rare or hard to find at another time, I will make the buy. As for the occasion, if something very special and what I had in mind is over the price, I will buy it. Fortunately on the bright side, these are some of the pieces that will be well worth the spending.


At one point I had a bad habit of buying things just because they looked cute, they were on sale, or some other not good reason. Now I closely look at the item, to make sure it’s really within my style, and ask myself some of the following questions.

  • Will I wear it, or is it going to sit in my closet until I decide to give it up?
  • Does it fit me right and do I like how it looks on me?
  • Will it fit my wardrobe, match something that I have? (Even better when it matches more than one item).


Choosing the right color is a big one for me, I don’t think all colors look good on me, so if the style looks right I have to make sure the color looks good too. Here I also consider where my closet is in that particular color. I don’t like to over fill it with the same color, because then I’m stuck with clothes of all one color and that could get boring.


All of the above tips I take into consideration when at the store, but to keep pieces looking great for years this is the most important step. Pieces that you really like, that are delicate, and or of more quality should not end up in the washer or dryer. All of the pieces I shared on my previous post, I will only wash by hand and leave to air dry.

Now there are times when I may spill something, but that is rarely the end of the piece. Cold water and dish detergent can do magic. If the problem seems a bit bigger: backing soda, mouth wash, and white vinegar are great. Especially for whites.

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

I hope this tips are useful next time you decide to add something to your closet. Most importantly, I hope the last tip is helpful to take care of those pieces that you really like. If you have your own stain removing or washing tips, leave them in the comments.

Thank you for reading. Until NEXT Time! ❤

Closet Treasures

I am sure that more than one girl will identify with today’s post, because don’t we all have those pieces in our wardrobe that we refuse to let go off. I have cleaned out my closed countless times, and these pieces continue to survive. Best part is that I still fit in all them. Not only that, I take them to pride as the pieces that prove that sometimes I do some wise shopping.

These pieces have been worth the purchase for too many reasons. On endless occasions, they have saved me when I think I don’t have something to wear (typical girl problem). Read along to meet my top five closet treasures.

This first one is a spaghetti strap by Guess in a light pink tone with small golden dots all over it. I really like this top in the summer time, its light material keeps me cool. I have matched this top with a short ripped denim skirt, with white skinny jeans, with dark blue jeans, and much more. Its super easy to pair with all sorts of bottoms due to its light color, plus the ruffles on the chest, take it to the next level without being so exaggerated.

Guess Pink with Golden Dots Top – Five Years
Photo By Maria Camacho

This next piece is another spaghetti strap, but with its beaded detail on the chest area, it can be taken to the next level if matched properly. You can use it with some jeans to a brunch with friend, then add a black blazer if your next stop is a business casual meeting. Now if you need to be on full business professional mode, its a great top to wear with a suit. And last if you are going to end the night at the club, a top like this one with a skirt like the one at the bottom of this post, is perfect. The beaded detail covers a good amount of chest space, but it’s in such light colors that its still classy and elegant for most occasions.

Stoosh Black Beaded Top – Four Years
Photo by Maria Camacho
Stoosh Top Beaded Details
Photo by Maria Camacho

My Third top is this Black crop top with “X” details running along the right hand side. I love this top, and if I am not mistaken I have used it for those times that I go out to the club, or dinner with friends. Usually I will wear it with high waist black or dark blue jeans. Once I also paired it with the high low skirt that you are about to read next. Even though its one of my favorite pieces, I don’t use often as its a crop top and it goes well with only a few of my bottoms. Perhaps I am in need of adding to my bottoms collection.

Express Black Crop Top – Three or Fours Years
Photo By Maria Camacho
Express Crop Top Detail
Photo By Maria Camacho

This next one, is one of the two bottom pieces that I really like, and surprisingly I still remember exactly, how it made it to my wardrobe. Every Christmas I like to choose my outfit two or three months ahead, but before I start looking I picture what I want, and then go out searching for it. I was having a hard time, so I told my aunt, and to my luck she came across this skirt at Dillard’s. Out of all the pieces I shared, this one is probably the most expensive one, but it was well worth it, because six years later, its still here. I have worn it with boots, with sandals, with high hills, for day and nigh events, you name it. Never have I had a hard time pulling an outfit with it.

Chord High Low Burgundy Skirt – Six Years
Photo by Maria Camacho

This last piece, is my most favorite out of all. I just love the color, the details on it, and the length. Everything of it is special, even the place I got it from. I bought it at the UNR Wolf Shop, and as I did some research for this post, probably paid less than half of what it was worth. It has looked great with many of my tops, and for how good it looks, it has been with me on some of the best and most fun occasions.

Endless Rose Pink Beaded Short Skirt – Six Years
Photo by Maria Camacho

Perhaps some of the pictures I took don’t do justice to these pieces, but trust me, if they are still with me, its because I absolutely love how they look when I wear them. Leave your comment at the bottom, tell me about your favorite piece, or oldest piece in your wardrobe, can you beat my six years?

Until Next Time. I hope you liked today’s post. ❤

The LITTLE Things in Life

I decided to take some time out of my day to reflect on those things that perhaps we don’t recognize or realize how special they are. Some may seem so insignificant or normal that we don’t appreciate them. In times like this pandemic that we are facing, taking some time out of our day to thankful for even the smallest things can brighten up our day.

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unspalsh
  1. Waking up to a new day, and taking that first breath of fresh air, knowing that you are blessed with another day.
  2. Getting up to a shower, while the the cold water that pours down your body finishes waking you up. Such a refreshing feeling that makes you feel ready for a new day.
  3. Realizing that the outfit you imagined while in the shower fits and looks just as you envisioned. No need to dig through your closet for another shirt, a pair of pants, or a pair of shoes.
  4. Taking that first sip of coffee, especially when you put in the right amount of creamer…Nestle’s Italian Sweet Cream is my favorite.
  5. The satisfaction that comes out of the right song playing without you asking/looking for it. Its like Apple Music read my mind.
  6. Coming home to your family, seeing them smile as you tell them about your day, especially that time you turned around someone’s day.
  7. The contagious laughter of a toddler who is amused by his two inch jump. The best part is that their laughter is the same even after their 100th jump.
  8. The look of a clean and organized desk…I bet that with so much extra time, more than one of us has taken the time to organize/clean our work at home area.
  9. Some of us may have gone further and left sparkling clean other parts of our home. I feel proud when I enter my bathroom. It looks and smells great.
  10. Checking off the last item on your to do list for the day. Makes the difference in feeling productive and accomplished. Check out this article for some benefits of to-do lists.

After listing them, my day was more than what I expected, yet none of the things I listed where out of this world, or impossible to get to. Some of then can even seem so comment. Yet until we take the time to recognize and appreciate them do we realize how lucky we are.

I challenge you to take some time, maybe before bed time, to look back to your day. During that time list your 10 items. What do you have to appreciate for today. Maybe you thought you had a bad, or maybe its just felt like another typical Thursday. But perhaps after you take the time some time to think, there is something you have to be thankful for.

2000 Miles Away

Today’s post I would like to dedicate to a very special person, she is beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring, and a million more things. I am talking about my friend Nancy. This girl is one of the most humble individuals I have met; she is a sweetheart who is always there for her family and friends. I admire her very much and appreciate her friendship.

With Nancy at the Japanese Friendship Garden
Photo by Kenia Hernandez

We started talking back in 2018, when I came across her and Thrive, a product she uses to help her keep active, fit, and energized. She would post about her experience with Thrive, and her results where incredible that I decided to reach out to her. She got me on Thrive, I used it for a while, and I loved the product, but more than the shakes and vitamins, Thrive introduced me to an extraordinary person.

We got along very well, and it was as if we talked for hours or saw each other often. We live in different states, almost two thousand miles away. We did however, happen to have a lot in common; so much that the friendship that was born over social media, flew us to San Diego. We visited places like La Jolla and Oceanside. I can say that 2019 was a very memorable year. It’s probably one of the craziest things I have done.

I am glad I did though, because as I got to know Nancy, I saw what a strong young lady she is. She is also very motivating, if I am ever in need of someone to talk to, I know she is there. She is always there for her friends and family, that it’s through people like her that you know there is still kindness in this world. The love and care she has for her siblings is one of a kind.

Nancy is an inspiring young lady, who deserves recognition for being such a nice individual. Those who know her, would agree in a heart beat. If you too have a friend who has made a difference in your life, take the time to recognize them. Perhaps give them a call, send them a text, or mail them a card. During these difficult times, take the time to appreciate those who have inspired, who have made a difference in your life.

Thank you Nancy for your FRIENDSHIP & thank you Thrive for introducing me to a great friend.

P.S. I look forward to our next adventure. ❤

Sharing A Tequila Drink

Guess what? Its Friday night…but we are not going out, AGAIN. That does not mean thought that we are going to be bored.

I am no expert making drinks, but trust me when I give it a try, I can come up with some good stuff. So if we are going to be blogging about recipes, we are not going to limit ourselves to food or face masks.

Lets get creative!

This will probably not be the first of other blogs about drinks,but as a true Mexican I had to give Tequila the honor of the first. If you like tequila read along, I might have the next drink on your to try list. And if you are not a big fan of tequila, this drink might just change your mind.


  • Your Favorite Tequila
  • Fresh Chunks of Pineapple
  • Kerns Guava Juice
  • Powder Tajin
  • Sauce Tajin
Photo by Maria Camacho, Created with Canva

Step by Step

  1. Cut pineapple into one inch pieces
  2. In a blender put two shots of tequila
  3. Add 4 pieces of pineapple
  4. Add about 2 ounces of guava juice
  5. Fully blend the mixture
  6. Pour and spread Tajin sauce to cup
  7. Put some sauce Tajin on cup rim
  8. Dip cup in powder Tajin
  9. Pour your mix in cup
  10. Sprinkle powder Tajin

This drink is quite simple, and like I have done myself you can certainly adjust it, depending on how strong you want it. More tequila, less guava juice for something stronger, and vise versa if you just want a good drink but not too much alcohol.

Now before closing this post you may be wondering how it fits the content of my blog, but it actually does for a couple reasons. One is that I proposed myself to spend some time trying new things, especially within my interest. Also, I am no expert when it comes to drinks, I don’t drink too often. However, a drink or two to socialize, especially with family and friends, I do enjoy very much. This drink is actually perfect for that. When my family and I get together, its almost guranteed that there will be be alcholic beverages. I like to be creative though and give them new things to try.

Enjoy your Friday night, stay safe at home, and if you are looking for some drink inspiration, give my Guapilla a try. You don’t have to go too far not do you not do you have to be half a good bar tender. Let me know what you think of it, and it’s name k ve give it. Gua- for the guayaba (guava) and -PILLA for pina (pineapple)? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Jelly In My Belly…YUMMY

The last face mask I made, looked too good to not give a try. I had to and so guess what? I used it as an inspiration to make some strawberry jelly for my pancakes. I have made some fresh jelly in the past, but this one I think tops them. Its not only delicious, but also super natural, and healthy.


10 Fresh Strawberries

  • 12 Fresh Strawberries
  • 3-4 Tablespoons of Honey
  • 4 Tablespoons of Fresh Aloe Vera
  • 1/2 Lime

Step by Step

  1. Blend the strawberries and the Aloe Vera
  2. Pour in a glass jar (works best if you are going to store it)
  3. Add the honey and lime
  4. Enjoy with some pancakes
Photo created with Canva by Maria Camacho

I have made “my own jelly” for my pancakes in the past, but it was more watery and with less consistency. Also, to sweeten it I had tried sugar and La Lechera. Those sweeteners are of course not as good and as natural honey, so there goes one reason why this recipe turned out better. Also, the Aloe Vera ads to the texture. Now if its the pancake mix that also made the difference, here is the new mix I tired. All I can say it that this new way of preparing it has me amazed and in love.

Give it a try and let me know if you liked it. Or if you there is another fruit that we can replace the strawberries with, leave it in the comments. I think I know what I am doing next.

The Better of the TWO TOGETHER

So far you will find two blogs with my face mask recipes. Throughout time I have changed them around and improved them, or so I think. I usually look for inspiration online, and I adjust them depending on what I have, or have read to be good for the skin. As I have said, I am always looking to improve and tweak my receipts for the better. For this post I went ahead and took the best from the past two masks. Continue reading to see what I came up with.


  1. Aloe Vera – 1 Tablespoon
  2. Strawberry – Medium Size
  3. Honey – 1 Tablespoon
  4. Lime – 8 drops
  5. My Favorite Oils:
    1. Vitamin C – 1 capsule
    2. Retinol – 10 drops
    3. Tea Tree – 10 drops

Step by Step

  1. Using a fork smash the strawberry.
  2. Add all other ingredients one by one, while carefully mixing after adding each one.
  3. Store in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Before applying, add the list of “My Favorite Oils”.
  5. Apply to face
  6. Leave for 20 to 25 minutes
  7. Wash off mask
  8. Apply moisturizer and/or your favorite oils or face cream.

For this face mask, I didn’t only take the best of my other tow, I also came up with a couple tips. If you recall, I had expressed my concern with the mask running down my face and the chunks of strawberry, especially, giving me a hard time. To solve both concerns I applied the face mask with a gauze. I soaked the gauze in the mask, naturally it picks up some of the chunks, and that is fine.

Now to give you a sneak peak of my next post, let me tell you that this mask not only felt great, but tasted delicious. I made some strawberry jelly, that I think will replace my store bought jelly. Could you guess what ingredients I definitely kept. List them in the comments, we will see if you where right.


Image created by Maria Camacho in Canva

It’s Friday, and unlike other Fridays when it was for girls night out, perhaps a date night, or anything else fun and outdoorsy we will be staying in. That does not mean though that we should have forgotten about ourselves, about looking our best, even if it’s just to cross from the bedroom to the living room, or the kitchen, or the bathroom, you get it.

There are memes about this, but they may not be too far from reality. Some of us are in need of a haircut, a hair dye, are missing the pedicures, manicures, the eyelash extensions, the waxing or threading salon. The list can go on, but there’s one I think I can help with. I will introduce you to a product, I like very much and definitely give a 10/10. I started using it before all this was happening because I got tired of spending too much and of not being satisfied with the results.

I am talking face waxing and/or threading. I am sure there are professionals out there who do a great job, and have a huge talent, unfortunately after a couple hiccups I gave up, and tried it myself. I did some research and tried a couple products before coming across Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit. It will take some practice but definitely worth the try; it works great. 

I started using it just to wax my eyebrows, but as I began to feel more confident and as I saw that it worked, I now use it for a full face wax. 

Step by Step with Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit

  1. Remove the lid.

TIP!!! – After the first use the wax may have gotten on the lid, so it will be hard to open. Just loosen the lid as much as you can without overly forcing it. It will easily come off once heated. 

  1. Microwave for one minute.

TIP!!! – It will cool up as you use it, and will get hard to work with, so as needed,  heat it from time to time 20-25 seconds. 

  1. Apply the was on the desired area.

TIP!!! – Use just the tip of a wooden spatula, it will be easier to work with and put more of the wax to good use. 

  1. Press the wax with the cloth strips. 

TIP!!! – For small areas, cut up the cloth strips as considered appropriate. 

  1. Grab a corner of the cloth strip and pull. 

TIP!!! – Make sure to pull with quick motion and in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

  1. Massage area.

TIP!!! I like to keep a bowl of ice to make my hand cold before massaging,  it helps reduce the redness. 

  1. Repeat process until all desired areas have been worked on.

TIP!!! – Use the Azulene finishing oil to remove any wax remaining and wash your face with cold water. 

TIP!!! – Apply Rose Water or Aloe Vera to help with the redness. 

If you were looking for options for hair removal during this quarantine, I hope my post was useful. I wouldn’t have taken the time to write about Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit, if it weren’t because it actually works. There’s no excuse for hair removal and looking great this quarantine. Overall, I hope today’s post was useful, if you give it a try comment with your experience.