For A Successful Day, Start With A Successful Morning

A successful day starts even before you take you leave for bed the night before. You just have to make the right choices. Below I will go over a ten step routine that will prepare you for a successful day. They don’t have to go in the exact order, accommodate them to you routine. If you think you may have trouble getting through them all at once, to avoid the frustration I suggest you star with two or three at a time, and add as you go.

Photo by Jasper Boer on Unsplash


As tempting as it may be don’t you hit the snooze button. Wake up and get up at the time you are supposed/had planned. Those extra five, ten, or fifteen minutes of sleep, are not going to do you any good. They are not going to make you feel more rested. Occasionally, the opposite may occur, your body will most likely feel more tired. So take control of your morning, and get up at the time you had planned.


Do not leave your house without making your bed, it makes the difference in the morning and the evening, trust my words. In the morning, its a way to feel accomplished, as you will leaver your room looking clean and organized. Plus, there will be no temptation to get back in bed, as you probably won’t wan to mess it up. Plus at night time, when time for bed comes again, it will be ready to receive you.


If you are someone who likes to pray, doing so in the morning to thank for the day before, and the day is a great way to get started. If your are not very much into praying, showing some gratitude will be great to prepare you mentally for a good day. Here a couple minutes to meditate and to reflect on your day ahead, is a way to start with a clear and positive mind.


It doesn’t have to be an hour work out, props to you if that is case. However, as long as stretch, do a set of push ups, and squats, is better than doing nothing. Its a great way to get your body and mind active.


Your body hasn’t hydrated the numbers of hours you have been sleeping. Therefore in the morning its important you hydrate it. What I recommend is leaving a glass of water by your bed the nigh before. This way there will be no excuse to getting hydrated. Some say squeezing half a lime to it for weight loss and such, is a good idea. Perhaps, I will look into the benefits of lime, and write a blog about it. Comment below if you would like to see a post with the benefits of lime.


There are many reasons for this one, we know two primary ones, which I probably don’t have to expand on, if you have to go you have to go. Apart from that though, a good cold shower in the morning will be great to get your active active and going. If you prefer to shower in the evenings, a face wash, for a clean face, is a great way to start the morning. Not only will it finish waking you up, but it will make you feel refreshed. Try it, if you are not already doing. Also, don’t miss this time to brush your teeth, and another way to get started feeling awake.


A good and complete breakfast is best, a because breakfast is a very important meal of the day. However, if you are someone who is not used to eating a full meal early in the morning, still eat something. Perhaps, a shake, some fruit, nuts, some string cheese. There are a lot of great, small, and even easy and quick things to prep. It is just very important that you don’t leave your house in an empty stomach.


Read the last of my tips in this blog, but its important you plan and prioritize your day. Go over what needs to get done, and when. I’s a great way to not forget to do things your list, and a result to avoid some unnecessary stress, from forgetting to so something.


Show your family some love, tell them how happy you are to have then, thank them for all they do, and/or wish them a wonderful day. Not only will you feel great, they too will feel appreciated. Your family is blessing and recognizing that great to do at the start of a new day.


It can be as simple as writing a list with what you have to do, or if you are someone who plans out a whole week with a calendar, make sure to have that updated the night before. The night before, to make your morning go by smoothly, you may want to choose your outfit, prepare your lunch, etc. It’s an excellent way to reduce the rush and spread that most often happens in the morning.

Today’s list went on, seemed almost endless. It may seem like a long list but as you practice it and as you add items to it one at a time, it will become easier to follow. Plus remember its for your own benefit, so its not a waste of time. Its a way to prepare and to get started on a successful and fulfilling day.

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