Tips For Your Wardrobe

After my post Closet Treasures I got thinking how it was that those pieces where still in the closet after so many years. Read this post to find some great posts about the right piece from store all the way to laundry day.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


I try to stay reasonable when I buy something, especially from the times that I have bought an item, only to see it on sale later. Sometimes however depending on the piece or the occasion I will break this rule. If its something that I absolutely like and may be rare or hard to find at another time, I will make the buy. As for the occasion, if something very special and what I had in mind is over the price, I will buy it. Fortunately on the bright side, these are some of the pieces that will be well worth the spending.


At one point I had a bad habit of buying things just because they looked cute, they were on sale, or some other not good reason. Now I closely look at the item, to make sure it’s really within my style, and ask myself some of the following questions.

  • Will I wear it, or is it going to sit in my closet until I decide to give it up?
  • Does it fit me right and do I like how it looks on me?
  • Will it fit my wardrobe, match something that I have? (Even better when it matches more than one item).


Choosing the right color is a big one for me, I don’t think all colors look good on me, so if the style looks right I have to make sure the color looks good too. Here I also consider where my closet is in that particular color. I don’t like to over fill it with the same color, because then I’m stuck with clothes of all one color and that could get boring.


All of the above tips I take into consideration when at the store, but to keep pieces looking great for years this is the most important step. Pieces that you really like, that are delicate, and or of more quality should not end up in the washer or dryer. All of the pieces I shared on my previous post, I will only wash by hand and leave to air dry.

Now there are times when I may spill something, but that is rarely the end of the piece. Cold water and dish detergent can do magic. If the problem seems a bit bigger: backing soda, mouth wash, and white vinegar are great. Especially for whites.

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

I hope this tips are useful next time you decide to add something to your closet. Most importantly, I hope the last tip is helpful to take care of those pieces that you really like. If you have your own stain removing or washing tips, leave them in the comments.

Thank you for reading. Until NEXT Time! ❤

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