Closet Treasures

I am sure that more than one girl will identify with today’s post, because don’t we all have those pieces in our wardrobe that we refuse to let go off. I have cleaned out my closed countless times, and these pieces continue to survive. Best part is that I still fit in all them. Not only that, I take them to pride as the pieces that prove that sometimes I do some wise shopping.

These pieces have been worth the purchase for too many reasons. On endless occasions, they have saved me when I think I don’t have something to wear (typical girl problem). Read along to meet my top five closet treasures.

This first one is a spaghetti strap by Guess in a light pink tone with small golden dots all over it. I really like this top in the summer time, its light material keeps me cool. I have matched this top with a short ripped denim skirt, with white skinny jeans, with dark blue jeans, and much more. Its super easy to pair with all sorts of bottoms due to its light color, plus the ruffles on the chest, take it to the next level without being so exaggerated.

Guess Pink with Golden Dots Top – Five Years
Photo By Maria Camacho

This next piece is another spaghetti strap, but with its beaded detail on the chest area, it can be taken to the next level if matched properly. You can use it with some jeans to a brunch with friend, then add a black blazer if your next stop is a business casual meeting. Now if you need to be on full business professional mode, its a great top to wear with a suit. And last if you are going to end the night at the club, a top like this one with a skirt like the one at the bottom of this post, is perfect. The beaded detail covers a good amount of chest space, but it’s in such light colors that its still classy and elegant for most occasions.

Stoosh Black Beaded Top – Four Years
Photo by Maria Camacho
Stoosh Top Beaded Details
Photo by Maria Camacho

My Third top is this Black crop top with “X” details running along the right hand side. I love this top, and if I am not mistaken I have used it for those times that I go out to the club, or dinner with friends. Usually I will wear it with high waist black or dark blue jeans. Once I also paired it with the high low skirt that you are about to read next. Even though its one of my favorite pieces, I don’t use often as its a crop top and it goes well with only a few of my bottoms. Perhaps I am in need of adding to my bottoms collection.

Express Black Crop Top – Three or Fours Years
Photo By Maria Camacho
Express Crop Top Detail
Photo By Maria Camacho

This next one, is one of the two bottom pieces that I really like, and surprisingly I still remember exactly, how it made it to my wardrobe. Every Christmas I like to choose my outfit two or three months ahead, but before I start looking I picture what I want, and then go out searching for it. I was having a hard time, so I told my aunt, and to my luck she came across this skirt at Dillard’s. Out of all the pieces I shared, this one is probably the most expensive one, but it was well worth it, because six years later, its still here. I have worn it with boots, with sandals, with high hills, for day and nigh events, you name it. Never have I had a hard time pulling an outfit with it.

Chord High Low Burgundy Skirt – Six Years
Photo by Maria Camacho

This last piece, is my most favorite out of all. I just love the color, the details on it, and the length. Everything of it is special, even the place I got it from. I bought it at the UNR Wolf Shop, and as I did some research for this post, probably paid less than half of what it was worth. It has looked great with many of my tops, and for how good it looks, it has been with me on some of the best and most fun occasions.

Endless Rose Pink Beaded Short Skirt – Six Years
Photo by Maria Camacho

Perhaps some of the pictures I took don’t do justice to these pieces, but trust me, if they are still with me, its because I absolutely love how they look when I wear them. Leave your comment at the bottom, tell me about your favorite piece, or oldest piece in your wardrobe, can you beat my six years?

Until Next Time. I hope you liked today’s post. ❤

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