The LITTLE Things in Life

I decided to take some time out of my day to reflect on those things that perhaps we don’t recognize or realize how special they are. Some may seem so insignificant or normal that we don’t appreciate them. In times like this pandemic that we are facing, taking some time out of our day to thankful for even the smallest things can brighten up our day.

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unspalsh
  1. Waking up to a new day, and taking that first breath of fresh air, knowing that you are blessed with another day.
  2. Getting up to a shower, while the the cold water that pours down your body finishes waking you up. Such a refreshing feeling that makes you feel ready for a new day.
  3. Realizing that the outfit you imagined while in the shower fits and looks just as you envisioned. No need to dig through your closet for another shirt, a pair of pants, or a pair of shoes.
  4. Taking that first sip of coffee, especially when you put in the right amount of creamer…Nestle’s Italian Sweet Cream is my favorite.
  5. The satisfaction that comes out of the right song playing without you asking/looking for it. Its like Apple Music read my mind.
  6. Coming home to your family, seeing them smile as you tell them about your day, especially that time you turned around someone’s day.
  7. The contagious laughter of a toddler who is amused by his two inch jump. The best part is that their laughter is the same even after their 100th jump.
  8. The look of a clean and organized desk…I bet that with so much extra time, more than one of us has taken the time to organize/clean our work at home area.
  9. Some of us may have gone further and left sparkling clean other parts of our home. I feel proud when I enter my bathroom. It looks and smells great.
  10. Checking off the last item on your to do list for the day. Makes the difference in feeling productive and accomplished. Check out this article for some benefits of to-do lists.

After listing them, my day was more than what I expected, yet none of the things I listed where out of this world, or impossible to get to. Some of then can even seem so comment. Yet until we take the time to recognize and appreciate them do we realize how lucky we are.

I challenge you to take some time, maybe before bed time, to look back to your day. During that time list your 10 items. What do you have to appreciate for today. Maybe you thought you had a bad, or maybe its just felt like another typical Thursday. But perhaps after you take the time some time to think, there is something you have to be thankful for.

One thought on “The LITTLE Things in Life

  1. Appreciating the little things in life is important. Often we get in this routine of being on autopilot and miss out on so many good things going on in our life. During isolation, I have definitely made it a point to be more present. Thanks for the great read, Maria!


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