Image created by Maria Camacho in Canva

It’s Friday, and unlike other Fridays when it was for girls night out, perhaps a date night, or anything else fun and outdoorsy we will be staying in. That does not mean though that we should have forgotten about ourselves, about looking our best, even if it’s just to cross from the bedroom to the living room, or the kitchen, or the bathroom, you get it.

There are memes about this, but they may not be too far from reality. Some of us are in need of a haircut, a hair dye, are missing the pedicures, manicures, the eyelash extensions, the waxing or threading salon. The list can go on, but there’s one I think I can help with. I will introduce you to a product, I like very much and definitely give a 10/10. I started using it before all this was happening because I got tired of spending too much and of not being satisfied with the results.

I am talking face waxing and/or threading. I am sure there are professionals out there who do a great job, and have a huge talent, unfortunately after a couple hiccups I gave up, and tried it myself. I did some research and tried a couple products before coming across Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit. It will take some practice but definitely worth the try; it works great. 

I started using it just to wax my eyebrows, but as I began to feel more confident and as I saw that it worked, I now use it for a full face wax. 

Step by Step with Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit

  1. Remove the lid.

TIP!!! – After the first use the wax may have gotten on the lid, so it will be hard to open. Just loosen the lid as much as you can without overly forcing it. It will easily come off once heated. 

  1. Microwave for one minute.

TIP!!! – It will cool up as you use it, and will get hard to work with, so as needed,  heat it from time to time 20-25 seconds. 

  1. Apply the was on the desired area.

TIP!!! – Use just the tip of a wooden spatula, it will be easier to work with and put more of the wax to good use. 

  1. Press the wax with the cloth strips. 

TIP!!! – For small areas, cut up the cloth strips as considered appropriate. 

  1. Grab a corner of the cloth strip and pull. 

TIP!!! – Make sure to pull with quick motion and in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

  1. Massage area.

TIP!!! I like to keep a bowl of ice to make my hand cold before massaging,  it helps reduce the redness. 

  1. Repeat process until all desired areas have been worked on.

TIP!!! – Use the Azulene finishing oil to remove any wax remaining and wash your face with cold water. 

TIP!!! – Apply Rose Water or Aloe Vera to help with the redness. 

If you were looking for options for hair removal during this quarantine, I hope my post was useful. I wouldn’t have taken the time to write about Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit, if it weren’t because it actually works. There’s no excuse for hair removal and looking great this quarantine. Overall, I hope today’s post was useful, if you give it a try comment with your experience.

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