A SELF-Check Post

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Today we won’t talk about recipes, face creams, face masks or any of that beauty stuff. Let’s dedicate today’s post to the ROOTS of this blog, and where it sits now. I think its a good point to reflect on its progress and further decide the future of it. I will start out by saying that the first posts where not easy to write, nor to publish. Letting my feelings and emotions out was very difficult. I was afraid and to an extent embarrassed

But am glad I did, the weight that all that had over me was too much, and sharing it was the best way to let go. I can look back and not feel the same pain, fault, and despair. Memories don’t hurt like they used to. In the past I was letting my emotions define me in every way. At that time, my “I feel” was not different from my “I am”. 

I was having a hard time differentiating who I was from how I was feeling, not realizing that how I felt was a result of some bad moments, that like any thing else had their beginning and end. Living and learning from them, was like what comes out of a good reading. Where each page holds a good lesson, and after having read it, and having understood it, you don’t rip the page out, nor do you throw it away. Its the complete opposite, we may even highlight it, but never do we stay on the same page, we turn it expecting even more from the next one.

Now, even though letting go has not been easy, dedication, time and the desire to be better off, have made the difference. I have committed more time to myself, and to let out of the positive side in me, to the point that it reaches others. I had one person ask, why are you always so full of energies, so cheerful and talkative. I stopped for a moment and realized that I was getting some where. What I had set myself to was having its results.

Overall, I will continue to work on myself, and if you are doing the same for what ever reason it is, don’t give up. It can be small or big steps, they will all count. And most importantly, don’t hold your emotions, let them out, it doesn’t have to be publicly, even writing them for your own eyes can help. With that said, I will continue to blog, to share what I have been up to, and share my tips and ideas. I do however plan to incorporate more outdoor activities, which I enjoy, as they are very relieving. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

Until the next blog! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A SELF-Check Post

  1. Hi Maria! I appreciate the transparency in this post. Your vulnerability to be unapologetically you is inspiring. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts about your favorite outdoor activities.


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