Blessed Despite the Losses

Let’s talk about that month when it felt as if all was going downhill. I went through two accidents, and a break-up, but for the purpose of this post, lets stick to the accidents, there will be time for the rest.

In mid-December I got into the first accident, where I lost my car. At that time, and from the angle I looked, it felt as if I had failed at accomplishing a goal. I had planned to pay off the car within two years, and not worry about a car payment for some time to come. Then about two weeks after, due to the weather I lost control of the car I was driving, and again it was totaled. Worst of all, it was my dad’s car. The same one he had purchased with the joy that someone who knows what it is to have nothing does.

At the time, I felt like a total failure, but the reality is that I was beyond blessed. I could have been the news of someone who was gone too soon. I was rather fine, and nothing in this world could have more value than life itself. It took some time, but despite the material loss, and the feelings that came with it, I have realized that I was given the change to do more with and in my life.

I also remember someone telling me, “you are either going to be better or worse off”. I put a lot of thought into those words and realized that it would be up to me. As I accepted what had happened, I set out to figure out what I would do next. Part of that will be working hard for the high insurance rates, to give my dad back for what I took from him and pay off my new car. Most importantly, I have set myself to grow as a person and give my life a purpose.

I am work in progress, but with what I have gone through, I can tell you that with the right mindset, and with the willingness to move forward, we can pull ourselves out of everything and anything. When there is life there is hope. Each day is one to work on ourselves and live our life opportunity. The difference from being and not being here is a split second, whatever problem you are facing, acknowledge it and accept it, but don’t submerse yourself in it. Every second you give to a negative thought, is a second you lose on building and doing what will get you on the road of success.

Life could be beautiful if you choose to make it beautiful. As you get ready to go to bed tonight, take some time to reflect: If it where your last day would you be happy with it?

2 thoughts on “Blessed Despite the Losses

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