Everyday, Everything, is an Opportunity

Today is the day to become a better you.

I know I’m not the most sociable person; I like to keep my life reserved to myself, but in the course of a month, I lost so much (future posts will tell you about it). The point is that I become moved to share my story. I now understand that life has its ways of getting us on the right path.

Things could have been so much worst, and so I have been working to take the best out what life has presented me with. I will not lie; often did I sit and cry as if all was lost. Today, as I look back, I realize how ignorant I was. I am fine, I am here, and with a whole life ahead of myself.

It is with that realization that this blog will take off.

When we lose something or someone, we have two choices, to sit on a corner and cry feeling sorry for ourselves (not solving much), or to take it as a lesson from which we can learn and grow. The later one is not easy, nor is it wrong to cry the loss and live the emotions of the moment; what is wrong is to stay there and with those emotions.

The fact that we are alive means that things will happen, good or bad, but it’s up to us to wipe the tears, get back up, and move forward. It’s within us to turn everything into an opportunity for a better version of ourselves. Every day is an opportunity to become what we have been dreaming of.

Today, I may not be 1/10 of what I wish to be, but I have also not done a 1/10 of what I wish to do, so why not combine the two. If you are looking for the motivation to start a better version of yourself, stay tuned for what is coming. Here I hope to encourage you to work on yourself 24/7. Let’s go adventure the outdoors, let’s pamper ourselves with some beauty tips, let’s try new things, and best of all let’s get inspired. Get to know me, and follow me on my journey, we can be there for each other when we most need it.

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