Don’t Sit & Wait

On my last post I talked about the car accidents that made me realize how fortune I was. Around the same time, I also went through a breakup, and like any other breakup it was not easy. Most have probably experienced one and know what it’s like. Out of respect there’s no need for the details. I don’t wish anything but the best for this person, he’s a great individual. It is what I learned from this relationship that matters.

After all, there are people that will come into our lives to change them for better. When events are so fresh, we may not see it that way. We let whatever happens define us, but it does not have to be that way. There are phases and transitions to life, the sooner we recognize them and with a positive mindset, the sooner that we can advance.

Meeting this person made me see the parts of me that I didn’t like, and that have affected me in my personal life. I started by looking into what exactly it was that I was not happy about. There is a book I greatly recommend – The Five Language of Love by Gary Chapman. It talks about the languages of love; according to it, there are five and each one with its dialects.

With this book I was able to define my language of love, and most importantly the need of self-love. There is no way we can love someone else if we are incapable of loving ourselves. I always thought I loved myself, but my actions were not a reflection of that. I was overworking myself; I was missing out on my early years. From there I set out to learn and understand myself. Since then I have been working to define my life purpose.

The point is that when someone comes into your life or leaves it, it is not for nothing. Even if it doesn’t seem great, look for the best in everything. We can learn and take the best out of our experiences. Life is what we make of it. Don’t let your mind be overtaken by your tragedies, they are not tragedies if you make them lessons. If you grow and use them to make you better.

When life doesn’t feel right, you don’t go sit and wait for it to get better. You take it upon yourself to find what it is that is not working, and you fix it. The problems will always be there if you don’t look for the solutions. Enough is enough, it is time to go out and build the person I dream of. The job is mine, no one else is going to show up to do it. Happiness starts within.

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