Sharing A Tequila Drink

Guess what? Its Friday night…but we are not going out, AGAIN. That does not mean thought that we are going to be bored.

I am no expert making drinks, but trust me when I give it a try, I can come up with some good stuff. So if we are going to be blogging about recipes, we are not going to limit ourselves to food or face masks.

Lets get creative!

This will probably not be the first of other blogs about drinks,but as a true Mexican I had to give Tequila the honor of the first. If you like tequila read along, I might have the next drink on your to try list. And if you are not a big fan of tequila, this drink might just change your mind.


  • Your Favorite Tequila
  • Fresh Chunks of Pineapple
  • Kerns Guava Juice
  • Powder Tajin
  • Sauce Tajin
Photo by Maria Camacho, Created with Canva

Step by Step

  1. Cut pineapple into one inch pieces
  2. In a blender put two shots of tequila
  3. Add 4 pieces of pineapple
  4. Add about 2 ounces of guava juice
  5. Fully blend the mixture
  6. Pour and spread Tajin sauce to cup
  7. Put some sauce Tajin on cup rim
  8. Dip cup in powder Tajin
  9. Pour your mix in cup
  10. Sprinkle powder Tajin

This drink is quite simple, and like I have done myself you can certainly adjust it, depending on how strong you want it. More tequila, less guava juice for something stronger, and vise versa if you just want a good drink but not too much alcohol.

Now before closing this post you may be wondering how it fits the content of my blog, but it actually does for a couple reasons. One is that I proposed myself to spend some time trying new things, especially within my interest. Also, I am no expert when it comes to drinks, I don’t drink too often. However, a drink or two to socialize, especially with family and friends, I do enjoy very much. This drink is actually perfect for that. When my family and I get together, its almost guranteed that there will be be alcholic beverages. I like to be creative though and give them new things to try.

Enjoy your Friday night, stay safe at home, and if you are looking for some drink inspiration, give my Guapilla a try. You don’t have to go too far not do you not do you have to be half a good bar tender. Let me know what you think of it, and it’s name k ve give it. Gua- for the guayaba (guava) and -PILLA for pina (pineapple)? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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