Putting on Your Best Face…Literally

Personal development is endless; it comes in countless shapes and forms. Today, I want to discuss an area that to many of us matters a lot when it comes to feeling and looking better: our appearance.  Let’s be sincere, are we not more comfortable and confident when we feel good about how we look. Don’t you agree that when a woman feels beautiful—she walks, she speaks, and she acts with confidence. 

And a woman who is confident can conquer her dreams.  

If you remember from my previous post, I talked about putting our best face to our problems. Everyone has their own ways of looking and feeling better. Today I want to share with you, products that will literally bring out your best face. They were my run to when my skin was not looking good, and today they are my favorite in keeping a healthy and beautiful skin. 

The following are three products that I love and use most: 

  1. My Predire Paris face peel is one of my absolute favorites. I don’t know how may refills I have gone through because I love it. It is an excellent defoliator; it gets rid of the impurities in my skin. Depending on how my skin is feeling and acting, I use it once or twice a week. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. 
  1. My second product is Diamond from Kristals cosmetics, and anti-gravity magnetic mask. This one takes more time, so I use it once or twice a month. With its refined magnetic power for increased cellular regeneration it helps to maintain a smooth and young-looking skin. I feel as if it pulls out the impurities in my pores. 
  1. The last product which I use every day, is tea tree oil. I have used a couple brands but my most favorite is from Advanced Clinicals. It has been great to treat/prevent acne. It’s not unusual that I break out when stressed, but this oil does miracles. Due to how great it is, I like to mix it with my body cream as well. 

You might not choose to try any of the products that I listed, and that is fine. What I do ask is that you occasionally set time aside to pamper yourself. The way we feel has a lot to do with how we look.  This weekend why don’t you set aside at least half an hour to wash your face, may be apply a face mask, put on some moisturizer, out there are numerous products that are great for the skin. What I am trying to get at is self-care. Stay busy, set goals, and go after them, but do it because it’s what you want and because it makes you feel good.

Disclaimer: I am no dermatologist; these products have worked for me. Each skin is different, if you try any of these products, I suggest you test them on a small area first. Below are links where you can find each of the products.  




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