Lips that Speak in Silence

Are you the girl who can confidently walk out the door with red lips? Or are you the one who thinks twice about it, or maybe the one that wouldn’t even dare at all? 

In today’s blog, let’s talk about the power of red lipstick. The one that turns heads, raises eyebrows, and the common question “what’s going on today”? If you are the girl who can rock red lipstick on any day, on any occasion, you know what I’m talking about. You probably also know of the confidence boost, and empowerment you feel the moment you put it on.

I have been at both ends. I used to think that not everyone could do justice to red lips, especially not me. In my mind it was for someone special to wear at a special occasion. Sometimes, I would put it on, just to end up scrubbing it off, or changing it for a more neutral tone. I felt as if it would catch too much attention, to someone so insignificant. 

Today as I work on building my confidence, on getting out of my comfort zone, I have made a point to wear red lipstick even to go to the grocery store. You may find it hard to believe, but wearing red lipstick, is not like wearing any other tone of lipstick. If you embrace it and wear it with confidence (which comes almost naturally with it), it’s like putting on your superwoman cape. It changes your mood for the day; all the sudden you feel like you can conquer all of what the day holds ahead. 

And to motivate you even a bit more, it’s not only about the confidence boost it gives you, the effort I have had to put towards my makeup, is minimal. I am telling you there is something behind red lipstick.

For the last two weeks, my makeup routine has consisted of eyeliner, mascara, and of course my favorite tone of red lipstick. It’s like the red gives life to my face; the five minutes I put towards my makeup routine is enough. The time I save I put it towards applying all those other products that I love to take care of my skin. Read my “Putting on Your Best…Literally”, for some some of those products.

Now because I want no excuses, below is an image that may be useful in choosing the right tone for you.

If you are like me, somewhere between the caramel and almond skin tone, you might opt for a dark wine-red tone. I have been using the Chanel Camelia Pourpre (637) and the Tarte creamy matte lip paint in the Frenemy shade (links below). 


Pictures from Chanel & Tarte

All I have got to say now is, don’t wait for a special occasion, go get yourself some red lipstick if you don’t already have some, and give it a try. You may even choose to wear it to the grocery store.

RED lips are not for where you are going, but for who you want to be.

Let them speak for themselves.

Let them bring out your inner queen. 

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