Giving a Chance to New Beginnings

We know what it feels like to be lost, overwhelmed, and in despair. But it is then when we most need to work on staying strong and hopeful. A lot of it has to do with building the right mindset. When life seems to be going downhill, the biggest and best opportunities can come. It is a matter of noticing them and not letting them pass.  

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Out of fear, comfort, or the simple fact that we are deep in our sorrows, we sometimes miss out. The feelings we live, will reflect on our bodies as much as they will on our life outcomes. Holding on to the grief and the self-pity, will only cause harm. If we have the blessing of life, with hard work, dedication, and the desire to advance, I believe that life can only get better. 

After what I was going through, I felt the need for a change. I just didn’t know what type of change or where to start. Then somehow, I came across a job opportunity; it offered much more than what I expected. Since day one, I felt welcomed. My decision to resign my former job, seemed almost unbelievable, those that know me, know how true this is. I loved what I did, I had plans, I saw myself at my former job for time to come. This change, however, came at a perfect time, and even though it was a hard decision, I took the risk.

Now you may wonder the relevance of this to my blog. Let me tell you that to me this was proof that life is full of surprises. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of letting ourselves be surprised. What I was going through was only spec in the whole life I have ahead of myself. Life has its ups and downs, let it be more about how we confront and overcome our problems. 

Don’t let one downfall to defeat you; you are more than the problem or two that cross your path. Everyone falls, but it should never be the fall that defines you. You are the strength, the hard work, the effort, the dedication and everything else that it takes to get back up. And if it comes with changes, with challenges, which it most often does—focus on putting your best face. Opportunities come when we least expect them, but certainly at the right time. Don’t be afraid to jump along, it may be the perfect time for a new beginning.

Feel free to read my past posts, there you will see that we all have bad days, even bad months, but the longevity to our problems has a lot do with our actions and desire to move past them.

If I inspired you a bit to look more to the solutions than the problems, I ask that tomorrow morning as you start your day, you smile and make a promise to keep that smile for the rest of the day. You will see and feel the difference. Even though the problem may not disappear instantaneously, you will certainly have a better attitude and a higher chance of finding the solution.  

Don’t Sit & Wait

On my last post I talked about the car accidents that made me realize how fortune I was. Around the same time, I also went through a breakup, and like any other breakup it was not easy. Most have probably experienced one and know what it’s like. Out of respect there’s no need for the details. I don’t wish anything but the best for this person, he’s a great individual. It is what I learned from this relationship that matters.

After all, there are people that will come into our lives to change them for better. When events are so fresh, we may not see it that way. We let whatever happens define us, but it does not have to be that way. There are phases and transitions to life, the sooner we recognize them and with a positive mindset, the sooner that we can advance.

Meeting this person made me see the parts of me that I didn’t like, and that have affected me in my personal life. I started by looking into what exactly it was that I was not happy about. There is a book I greatly recommend – The Five Language of Love by Gary Chapman. It talks about the languages of love; according to it, there are five and each one with its dialects.

With this book I was able to define my language of love, and most importantly the need of self-love. There is no way we can love someone else if we are incapable of loving ourselves. I always thought I loved myself, but my actions were not a reflection of that. I was overworking myself; I was missing out on my early years. From there I set out to learn and understand myself. Since then I have been working to define my life purpose.

The point is that when someone comes into your life or leaves it, it is not for nothing. Even if it doesn’t seem great, look for the best in everything. We can learn and take the best out of our experiences. Life is what we make of it. Don’t let your mind be overtaken by your tragedies, they are not tragedies if you make them lessons. If you grow and use them to make you better.

When life doesn’t feel right, you don’t go sit and wait for it to get better. You take it upon yourself to find what it is that is not working, and you fix it. The problems will always be there if you don’t look for the solutions. Enough is enough, it is time to go out and build the person I dream of. The job is mine, no one else is going to show up to do it. Happiness starts within.

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Blessed Despite the Losses

Let’s talk about that month when it felt as if all was going downhill. I went through two accidents, and a break-up, but for the purpose of this post, lets stick to the accidents, there will be time for the rest.

In mid-December I got into the first accident, where I lost my car. At that time, and from the angle I looked, it felt as if I had failed at accomplishing a goal. I had planned to pay off the car within two years, and not worry about a car payment for some time to come. Then about two weeks after, due to the weather I lost control of the car I was driving, and again it was totaled. Worst of all, it was my dad’s car. The same one he had purchased with the joy that someone who knows what it is to have nothing does.

At the time, I felt like a total failure, but the reality is that I was beyond blessed. I could have been the news of someone who was gone too soon. I was rather fine, and nothing in this world could have more value than life itself. It took some time, but despite the material loss, and the feelings that came with it, I have realized that I was given the change to do more with and in my life.

I also remember someone telling me, “you are either going to be better or worse off”. I put a lot of thought into those words and realized that it would be up to me. As I accepted what had happened, I set out to figure out what I would do next. Part of that will be working hard for the high insurance rates, to give my dad back for what I took from him and pay off my new car. Most importantly, I have set myself to grow as a person and give my life a purpose.

I am work in progress, but with what I have gone through, I can tell you that with the right mindset, and with the willingness to move forward, we can pull ourselves out of everything and anything. When there is life there is hope. Each day is one to work on ourselves and live our life opportunity. The difference from being and not being here is a split second, whatever problem you are facing, acknowledge it and accept it, but don’t submerse yourself in it. Every second you give to a negative thought, is a second you lose on building and doing what will get you on the road of success.

Life could be beautiful if you choose to make it beautiful. As you get ready to go to bed tonight, take some time to reflect: If it where your last day would you be happy with it?

Everyday, Everything, is an Opportunity

Today is the day to become a better you.

I know I’m not the most sociable person; I like to keep my life reserved to myself, but in the course of a month, I lost so much (future posts will tell you about it). The point is that I become moved to share my story. I now understand that life has its ways of getting us on the right path.

Things could have been so much worst, and so I have been working to take the best out what life has presented me with. I will not lie; often did I sit and cry as if all was lost. Today, as I look back, I realize how ignorant I was. I am fine, I am here, and with a whole life ahead of myself.

It is with that realization that this blog will take off.

When we lose something or someone, we have two choices, to sit on a corner and cry feeling sorry for ourselves (not solving much), or to take it as a lesson from which we can learn and grow. The later one is not easy, nor is it wrong to cry the loss and live the emotions of the moment; what is wrong is to stay there and with those emotions.

The fact that we are alive means that things will happen, good or bad, but it’s up to us to wipe the tears, get back up, and move forward. It’s within us to turn everything into an opportunity for a better version of ourselves. Every day is an opportunity to become what we have been dreaming of.

Today, I may not be 1/10 of what I wish to be, but I have also not done a 1/10 of what I wish to do, so why not combine the two. If you are looking for the motivation to start a better version of yourself, stay tuned for what is coming. Here I hope to encourage you to work on yourself 24/7. Let’s go adventure the outdoors, let’s pamper ourselves with some beauty tips, let’s try new things, and best of all let’s get inspired. Get to know me, and follow me on my journey, we can be there for each other when we most need it.